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TSM BRANDS considers our human capital the essential element of our sustainable future. We see our 200 workers as our greatest fortune. We ensure equal opportunity with our human resources policy that supports diversity and inclusion. We are committed to providing a fair, safe, and healthy working environment to all our employees in Turkey and the USA.

In order to protect the health and safety of our employees, we rely on the worldwide accepted standards, as well as legal requirements, and our Health and Safety Policy, which is a part of the TSM BRANDS’ culture. In this context, with a proactive approach focused on preventing hazardous situations and occupational accidents, we identify the risk sources in advance at all our locations, take corrective and preventive actions, and support with extensive training. Within the framework of our occupational health and safety policy, we introduce practices (appropriate working conditions, protective equipment, training, etc.) that are necessary for our employees’ health and for providing a safe work environment.

In this scope, we expect all our employees to;

  •  Know the Health and Safety policies and procedures in effect,
  •  Adopt and apply health and safety solutions that are introduced to improve business life in accordance with TSM BRANDS’ values and principles, international standards and the laws, Be aware that they are personally responsible for safe behaviors when they are performing their activities,
  •  Notify managers immediately when they become aware of any condition which poses a threat to human health and occupational safety,
  •  Participate in any Occupational Health and Safety training, which is mandatorily assigned to each of our employees regularly.