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Quality Policy

Since the first day of our establishment, we have been carrying out our operations with a focus on high quality and innovation. With the belief that everyone has the right to access quality and safe products, we offer the same high quality to our consumers in all countries we operate.

By investing in the continuous development of our employees, producing in international standards to meet customer demands, providing timely delivery, and offering reasonable price advantages to our customers. In line with these purposes, to exceed customer expectations by constantly improving and developing our Quality Management System and quality awareness with the participation of all our employees.

In the basis of our “Quality Vision” lies the assurance of the continuity of our high-quality products and services, which always and everywhere first come to mind, in line with customer and consumer expectations and within the framework of sustainable costs for our company. While doing this, we constantly strive to work with high efficiency, minimize our losses and reduce our environmental impact and develop systems that will enable the improvement of our products and our production and service processes.