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The ethics rule is adopted by all the employees and the owners of TSM BRANDS. Everyone who is a part of TSM BRANDS must adopt the ethics rules, and reflect them in their behaviors.
The management principles of the ethical system, ethics committees organization, and the resolution of non-conformities are followed by the Ethics committee.

Honesty and truthfulness are our fundamental values in all our business activities. TSM BRAND's employees and the owners act with integrity in all their dealings with each other.

If there is a relationship as being spouses, relatives, or any other close relationship that might lead to a potential conflict of interest in our business dealings with suppliers, customers, or competitors of TSM BRANDS, we make necessary notifications and take precautions within the framework of transparency principle.

Employees are not allowed to make political propaganda within working hours and work environments. Employees cannot be requested to become members of any political party, or the working hours of other employees cannot be spared for these activities.

We do not express our views but only the views of the company before the public or in situations where listeners believe we are talking on behalf of the company.

When using resources on behalf of TSM BRANDS, the company's interests must be taken into consideration. Company assets and employees must not be used for others and their interests.

TSM BRAND's employees shall use time most efficiently and make maximum effort to conduct their private businesses during off-work hours. The managers shall not use their employees for carrying out their work.

We are responsible for protecting the technological assets, computer systems, and applications we use at TSM BRANDS and all data stored in them against unauthorized access, damage, alteration, and theft.

To avoid all kinds of activities that could violate the laws, put TSM BRANDS into difficult situations, and tarnish its reputation.

We treat our employees with honesty and fairness, and we are committed to providing a non-discriminative, secure, healthy, and fair work environment. We have our employees exercise their rights fully and on time. We make necessary efforts to ensure the professional and personal development of our employees.

Any physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse of our employees or by our employees to our stakeholders with whom we have a business relationship, at the workplace or anywhere they are present due to work will not be tolerated. We also do not tolerate aggressive behaviors that might violate people’s right to privacy, damage the integrity and health of their body and soul, and any kind of fight that includes verbal violence as well.