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Serkan MUTLU

TSM BRANDS is one of the largest private label and contract manufacturers of personal care products in Turkey. TSM BRANDS develops, manufactures, and distributes hundreds of unique product formulations to our clients in domestic and international markets. TSM BRANDS was founded in 1998 and is a leading supplier of value and private label brands within the health, beauty, and household products segments.

Currently, TSM BRANDS distributes its products through one facility in New Jersey. In addition, TSM BRANDS markets an entire line of personal care products under the internationally-recognized “BATH BEAUTY, LUXURY, and PRIVATE LABEL" brand names. We pride our ability to offer innovative products and designs to some of the most quality-conscious and prestigious customers in the U.S.A.

We have optimized our production capabilities with the latest technologies; more of these lines translates to enhanced and increased output. TSM BRANDS continues to work with quality and affordable essential products to every retailer with over 200 workforces. We are a big family with our employees, business partners, suppliers, and customers. We create value with mutual respect and a sense of responsibility, and we move forward together thanks to the strength of our roots.

Teoman MUTLU

We are one of the strongest players in the market, and we derive this strength from the quality and economical products that we offer to our customers.

TSM BRANDS pays special attention to the latest technology in her production processes that you can use safely, considering the quality and health standards.

To offer the most innovative and accurate products, TSM BRANDS constantly follows the local conditions and trends in the world and tries to make a difference with the innovations it has created in our R&D department.

Our company, which produces nearly 30 brands in five categories (Personal Care, Household, Aerosol, Wipes, Parfume), offers standard quality products with flexible production, and fast shipping for following customer demands.

TM & SM Common Message

We are in the 6th position to export from Turkey to the USA with our sufficient production capacity and our 60% female 40% male employees who are experts in their fields.

As TSM BRANDS, we carry out all our operations based on respect for people, society, and the environment. We take our global sustainability approach as a guide for our works, especially for those in the field of the continuity of our financial and operational successes, followed by reputation management, product quality and safety, environmentally friendly production, efficient resource use, recycling, diffusion of the innovation culture, occupational health and safety, fair competition and ethical values, equality of opportunity, local employment, and support for social projects.

Our vision of globalization and our understanding of sustainable growth help us continue our investments at full speed to provide benefits for generations in Turkey and across the world.